ICAPS Toolkit

Planning Resources/ Administration
Career Development/ Transition Services

Performance Checklist for Professionalism and Communication

Transition Career Plan Template

Career/Future Plan Template

Technology Skills Checklist

Online Resources for Career Exploration and Career Ready Skills

Career Navigators Online Resources Webinar

Experienced Career Navigators Answer Your Questions

Note: Please Email sipdctrainer@gmail.com for access to the iLearn System

iLearn: Creating and Sustaining Partnerships webinar

iLearn: I Wish I Had Known When I Started… Experienced Career Navigator Shares Webinar

iLearn: Strategies that Work in Screening and Selection of ICAPS Students Webinar

iLearn: Strategies for Marketing the ICAPS Program Webinar

iLearn Unit 2: Integrating Career Awareness into the Adult Education Classroom

iLearn Unit 3: Career Development 101

iLearn Unit 6: College Readiness 101

iLearn Unit 11: Comprehensive Student Services – offered through World Ed

iLearn Unit 12: College Readiness 201: Implementing College Readiness Skills in the Adult Education Classroom

iLearn Unit 13: Career Development 201

iLearn Unit 17: Persistence offered through World Ed

iLearn Unit 23: Career Ready Practice

iLearn Unit 26: 21st century Illinois: Adult Education and Career Training System

iLearn Unit 27: OCTAE Employability Skills Framework Overview

Supporting Special Populations Strategies Documents

Interview Form – Kishwaukee College