ICAPS Learning Community

Illinois ICAPS/IET Learning Community sessions provide programs the opportunity to share information, ask questions, and learn from one another. All ICCB IET grant recipients are required to be a part of the ICAPS/IET group. Learning communities are for participants to learn from each other and both AE and CTE/training partners should attend.

ICAPS Virtual Learning Communities take place on the second Thursday of each month. Register here for FY23.

FY23 Upcoming ICAPS Learning Community Topics*:

  • January 12, 2023: Refugee Support
  • February 9: Grant Writing Tips
  • March 14: Pre-session to IACEA – more information to come
  • April 13: Shareout – Partnerships
  • May 11: Shareout – Cohort Convos Update

*Topics are designed around program needs and may evolve throughout the fiscal year

Previous ICAPS Learning Community Meetings:


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